Round-robin test: Towards process standardization of EU research pilot lines

The round-robin test represents a first step towards the establishment of European quality standards for prototype cell production. Within the LiPLANET network, the five attending research pilot lines have been sitting together, discussing and defining the process parameters and, according to their experiences, accepted tolerances of critical production steps. Materials and compositions have been chosen and the test protocol was defined accordingly. For this initial round-robin test, the consortium agreed to apply NMC622 cathode and artificial graphite anode active material and defined to produce prototype cells consisting of 10 cathodes, resulting in different final cell capacities depending on the individual research pilot line facilities. Pre-trials were performed at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH to verify the protocol, tolerances and parameters. The round-robin test is now ready to be conducted, and results will be compared and shared within the LiPLANET community soon.

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