Newsletter January 2021


Lithium Battery Cell Pilot Line Network: 18 Facilities Mapped

Currently, 18 pilot line facilities have been identified, including the five pilot lines involved in the LiPLANET project and an additional 13 pilot lines that span seven European countries. More are to come!


Development of the LiPLANET Roadmap: A one-stop-shop Service Provider

LiPLANET’s vision is to become a one-stop-shop service provider for education, knowledge transfer, testing, certification and pilot scale production of Li-ion battery cell technologies for research, industry and authorities.


Creating a Project and Expert Network

LiPLANET will organise awareness workshops in 2021 to inform participants about the ambition of the project as well as create a network of experts in the field of Li-ion technologies.


LiPLANET at the European Battery Conference: Oscar Miguel Presents Strategic Positioning of the LiPLANET Project

Oscar Miguel, director of CIDETEC Energy Storage, presented the LiPLANET network at the European Battery Conference on November 27th.

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