Newsletter September 2022

LiPLANET executive board members elected as working group chairs of Batteries Europe


Dr. Marcus Jahn from Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Prof. Arno Kwade from Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) were elected as scientific chair and technical advisor, respectively, of working group 4 on cell design and manufacturing.

Publication on data guidelines for scientific papers


Over the last months, the expert group on scientific exchange and round-robin has developed recommendations on which data to include in publishing scientific papers on battery cell production in order to increase comparability among the publications.

Scientific paper published on data specifications for battery manufacturing digitalization: Current status, challenges, and opportunities

Publication EG Digitalization.jpg

During the past year, the expert group on digitalization has worked together to identify the current status, challenges, and opportunities in the context of data specifications for battery manufacturing digitalization. The publication presents the parameters involved in each step of LIB manufacturing, shows available computational modeling approaches, and discusses details about practical implementation in terms of software.

LiPLANET CEO appointed by the executive board


The LiPLANET executive board has appointed Nicolas von Drachenfels (Battery LabFactory Braunschweig) as CEO of the association in the latest executive board meeting in June. As the LiPLANET CSA project has concluded and funding has expired in the first half of this year, he will take over tasks from the head office to continue the operation of the network.

New member: Fraunhofer IPA from Stuttgart, Germany

logo IPA.png

We welcome Fraunhofer IPA from Stuttgart Germany as our newest member of the network with their Center for Battery Cell Manufacturing (ZDB). Their profile ranges from consulting through to research and development projects in the fields of planning, manufacturing, digitalization and end-of-life.

Event: Battery Production of Tomorrow

Workshop VDMA VDI IT.png

On 4th and 5th of October 2022, the accompanying research for battery production led by VDI/VDE-IT and the division battery production of the VDMA invite the European battery community to a networking event with the focus on tormorrow’s battery production.

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