LiPLANET at the European Battery Conference: Oscar Miguel Presents Strategic Positioning of the LiPLANET Project

Oscar Miguel, director of CIDETEC Energy Storage, presented the LiPLANET network at the European Battery Conference on November 27th.

The challenge faced by LiPLANET is to build a competitive network of Li‐ion cell manufacturing pilot lines that accelerates innovation, increases the basis of trained experts, creates synergies, favours collaboration with the industry and academia, and furthers the production of Li‐ion cells towards industrial scale in the EU. This will help to create unique selling propositions towards EU industry in support of its market access within the cell manufacturing ecosystem. Creating a competitive and sustainable battery cell manufacturing industry in Europe has become a key topic in recent years. Cost‐effective, reliable, safe and high‐performance battery cells will be essential to strategic sectors in Europe such as the automotive industry (electro‐mobility) and the electric power sector (storage of intermittent renewable energy sources). The market is asking for better technologies to improve many parameters, such as energy density, power density, safety, durability and economic affordability. 


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