Development of the LiPLANET Roadmap: A one-stop-shop Service Provider

LiPLANET’s vision is to become a one-stop-shop service provider for education, knowledge transfer, testing, certification and pilot scale production of Li-ion battery cell technologies for research, industry and authorities.

One of the main objectives of the LiPLANET project is the development of a roadmap to foster the development of the production of Li-ion cells from small batch testing towards industrial scale in Europe. With this roadmap, the European Li-ion ecosystem will have a clear vision on where the battery pilot lines will stand within 10 years.

During the first phase of the roadmap development process, the following steps have been achieved so far: (0) evaluation of the background and trend; (1) preparation of the vision for the LiPLANET network; (2) assessment of the status quo of the pilot lines in Europe; and (3) identification of obstacles, gaps and key challenges on the road towards achieving the long-term objective. The second phase will focus on (4) the definition of specific actions and milestones along the roadmap.


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