Creating a Project and Expert Network

LiPLANET will organise awareness workshops in 2021 to inform participants about the ambition of the project as well as create a network of experts in the field of Li-ion technologies.

The core of the LiPLANET network will be the expert groups, in which dedicated members will work on specific fields within the battery life-cycle, e.g. materials processing or digitalization. In the first workshop on the 2nd of February, the scopes, actions and goals of the expert groups will be discussed.

After this initial workshop, the groups can be reshaped to reflect the best interests of their members. The best practices for each group will then be collected and more detailed workshops will follow. In this regard, LiPLANET will involve its expert network to develop workshops with rich content and foster interaction between participants.

If you are interested to join the workshops and potentially become a future member of LiPLANET, feel free to contact us for more information!

Konrad Bendzuck – TU Braunschweig:


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